this dude has 1 dimple and has also completely ruined my life

im seeing bo burnham & friends tonight ommmmmggg im gonna die

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Boom Burnham.


bo burnham being a sassy little shit on twitter part 1/5

Bo Burnham as Tony Caito, in Adventures in the Sin Bin.

I really love your blog ((: If you get the chance, I just started a Bo blog and would love if you checked it out!! the link is on my main blog. Either way though, have a lovely day and your sidebar gif is sooo good im gonna die.

aw ur so sweet! this is a side blog so ill follow u on my personal (tom-spanks)

everyone go follow babe-burnham !!!!! 

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This may hurt a bit.

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Hidden message in Bo Burnham’s new videoclip “Repeat Stuff

whoops i missed this one

repeat stuff.