this dude has 1 dimple and has also completely ruined my life


Bo at The Meltdown Show 7.14.14


Is there anything better than pussy?

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bo is so cute wtf i wanna go to a carnival with him

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I think we should do a poem right now, if that’s okay. This poem is a little bit sappy, a little bit romantic, so we’ll get it out of the way now and we will go back to the dirty stuff, y’know, that everyone loves at a late show or whatever. Okay. It’s called I Fuck Sluts.

ok listen everyone, i dELETED THE PICTURE so u can stop crying now. and i deleted everything that had to do with this whole thing bc i realize i am part of the problem by still talking about it. so. im done. ok bye

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hey guys! it was one picture! let's calm down please! this is turning into something rly stupid, especially bc i've never ever seen drama in this fandom before this so let's stop!!!!!!! thx B-)

duuuude me neither!! i would love for this to stop, trust me. idk why this became such a huge deal :^(

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